What is villa Lintel beams and its uses,Size,Types

What is villa Lintel beams and its uses,Size,Types


What is villa Lintel beams and its uses,Size,Types – we have received lot of  queries on Villa home lintel beams . A Lintel is a beam used or placed across the opening like Door opening or windows opening etc in villas or apartments to support the loads from above building structures.

Size of the Lintel beam in Villa or apartments

  • The width will be same as that of the wall width
  • Height as per the structural calculation

Bearing dimension of Lintel beam

  • The minimum is as per the defined dimension in the building Codes present at your location . May be 10 CM or more .
  • Height of beam
  • Or depend on the length of the lintel beam
Make sure you have a structural engineer to advice on these technical aspects for your home.

Types of Lintel

  • RCC lintel beam (majority on Home construction)
  • Timber Lintel
  • Stones Lintel
  • Brick Lintel
  • Steel Lintel


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